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May 21 2018

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How Unique Web Design Can Help a Business

Today, every business out there should have a website. A website allows consumers to be able to access information about a business at all hours of the day even when the business is closed. This, in turn, can increase sales for a business. It is also an avenue for people to contact the business to get pertinent information. A unique web design in pensacola can help the business stand out in search engines and in the eyes of consumers. How does this happen?

Vibrant Home Page

A vibrant home page is colorful and catches a visitor's eye. A website has about five to seven seconds to capture someone's attention. The first thing people are looking for is information. If the site is not clear with their message being vibrant, the visitor will click the back button to get off of the site and find another that may fit their needs better.

Built-In SEO

SEO will help websites show up organically in search engines. Good websites have search engine optimization built-in already and do not have additional need for work to be done by a separate company. While it takes search engines time to register a site and crawl through the content, sites with built-in SEO begin to show up organically and will eventually rank very high.

Interactive Elements

Interactive elements are features such as video and flash. This could also be something that prompts a user to take an action like signing up for a newsletter or a chat feature. Sites with interactive elements often capture people's attention more so than others without it.

Strong Call to Action

A strong call to action is another important feature of pensacola web design. This can be an offer or a special promotion for people who have clicked on the site. It should prompt consumers to contact the business right away versus waiting. The call to action should be at the top of the page and in the corner. The phone number for the business should be above or underneath the call to action and should be mobile friendly.

Most web designers implement all of these features into sites they create. When a person opts to use a do-it-yourself web design service, they often are not aware of these critical features. While the website may look nice, it is not serving its full purpose due to the missing elements. For more information about this and Pensacola Web Design, visit http://truenorthwebagency.com/pensacola-web-design.
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